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Selina A. Rosen...the Author...

of Queen of Denial and soon of other books.

This crazy book business...readers want the books, but the writers and the publishers have to swim upstream against a marketing system designed chiefly to sell tomato soup. It's a very, very difficult task for a writer to get a book into your hands...or to have it available when word of mouth finally lets you know it exists.

Rosen has a very good, very funny book with Meisha Merlin Publishing (now defunct, but you can order the book through YDP--Webmistress). Queen of Denial is available for order and should be on the shelves at bookstores. Just write to her and tell her you want to order Denial. You'll be met with open arms. Personalize it? You bet.

Rosen also, with Lynn Stranathan, her co-editor, runs Yard Dog Press, a small press that specializes in chapbooks, and sells, among other things, via amazon.com. You can buy the Yard Dog books from her, too.

Let me tell you the short details about Selina Rosen. She's a creative soul, a builder in wood and stone and words...knows farm life, knows how to build a room, or a plot...can cope with goats and chickens, or neophyte writers. Out of this absolute wealth of diverse experience come truly outrageous ideas and a way of looking at the universe with [in some books] humor and [in other books] attitude with a capital A.

You want a friend who'll show up with help and a truck when others are "busy that weekend", you've got Selina Rosen. That honesty shows up in the characters she writes. She's one in a million.

Does this honesty and the fact she writes really good, wise, funny and serious books mean immediate, widely reputed success in the writing business? No. It's easier to sell something "just like" the last thing, and Rosen's just-like nothing else. Does it mean the books get distributed with grand advertising fanfare? No. So here we are. I'm putting out the word, because I believe in her. Test out the links. Buy this woman's books, via the link above.

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